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Part number Manufacturer Pozarli code
20539991 MACK WV014
20575545 MACK WD545
25MF214 MACK WD071
25MF214P2 MACK WD071
25MF314 MACK WD428
25MF3148 MACK WD428
25MF314A MACK WD428
25MF314B MACK WD428
25MF418 MACK WD429
25MF422 MACK WD429
25MF428 MACK WD428
25MF428A MACK WD428
25MF429 MACK WD429
25MF429A MACK WD429
25MF430 MACK WD429
25MF435 MACK WD428
25MF435A MACK WD428
25MF435B MACK WD428
25MF436 MACK WD429
25MF436A MACK WD429
25MF436B MACK WD429
25MF437A MACK WD429
5000133551 MACK WD429
81SF12 MACK WD008
81SF14 MACK WD008
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