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Part number Manufacturer Pozarli code
AF105-10 IKRON HB117
AF105-20 IKRON HB119
AF105-30 IKRON HB121
AF10510 IKRON HB117
AF10520 IKRON HB119
AF10530 IKRON HB121
HEK105-10 IKRON HB118
HEK105-10-SP005 IKRON HB123
HEK105-10-SP040 IKRON HB124
HEK105-20 IKRON HB120
HEK105-20-SP005 IKRON HB125
HEK105-20-SP040 IKRON HB126
HEK105-30 IKRON HB122
HEK105-30-SP005 IKRON HB127
HEK105-30-SP040 IKRON HB128
HEK10510 IKRON HB118
HEK10510SP005 IKRON HB123
HEK10510SP040 IKRON HB124
HEK10520 IKRON HB120
HEK10520SP040 IKRON HB126
HEK10520SP040 IKRON HB125
HEK10530 IKRON HB122
HEK10530SP005 IKRON HB127
HEK10530SP040 IKRON HB128
HEK4520135ASFG010B IKRON HA1105
HEK4520135ASFG025B IKRON HA1106
HEK4520135ASFP010B IKRON HA1111
HEK4520135ASFP025B IKRON HA1112
HEK4530155ASMS060 IKRON HA1219
HEK4530210ASFG006 IKRON HA1214
HEK4530210ASFG010 IKRON HA1215
HEK4530210ASFG010V IKRON HA1215V
HEK4530210ASFG025 IKRON HA1216
HEK4530210ASFG025V IKRON HA1216V
HEK4530210ASS9010 IKRON HA1211
HEK4530210ASSP010 IKRON HA1211
HEK4530210ASSP025 IKRON HA1212
HF410-20.122-AS-MI250-GF-A01 IKRON HS16258P
HF410-20.122-AS-MI250-GF-A01 IKRON HS16258P
HF410-20.122-AS-MS090-GF-A01 IKRON HS16257P
HF410-20.122-AS-MS090-GF-A01 IKRON HS16257P
HF410-30.122-AS-MS090-GG-A01 IKRON HS17377
HF410-30.122-AS-MS090-GG-A01 IKRON HS17377
HHB10035 IKRON HS16258P
HHB10059 IKRON HS16257P
HHB10060 IKRON HS0836U
HHB1010 IKRON HS16257P
HHB20022 IKRON HS17377
HHB24021 IKRON HS17377
HHC01208 IKRON HR1222
HHC01213 IKRON HR1105
HHC01215 IKRON HR1106
HHC01229 IKRON HR1205
HHC01245 IKRON HR1225
HHC01279 IKRON HR1406
HHC01288 IKRON HR1402
HHC01293 IKRON HR1505
HHC01295 IKRON HR1506
HHC01297 IKRON HR1509
HHC01299 IKRON HR1500
HHC01309 IKRON HR1515
HHC01311 IKRON HR1516
HHC01315 IKRON HR1510
HHC01317 IKRON HR1511
HHC01319 IKRON HR1512
HHC01325 IKRON HV3245
HHC01333 IKRON HV3241
HHC01335 IKRON HR1602
HHC01335 IKRON HV3242
HHC01365 IKRON HV3245
HHC01367 IKRON HV3246
HHC01369 IKRON HV3241
HHC01371 IKRON HV3242
HHC01375 IKRON HV3240
HHC01377 IKRON HR1646
HHC01391 IKRON HR1645
HHC01393 IKRON HR1649
HHC01395 IKRON HR1306
HHC01397 IKRON HR1641
HHC01399 IKRON HR1642
HHC01400 IKRON HR7211
HHC01420 IKRON HR7221
HHC01440 IKRON HR7215
HHC01460 IKRON HR7216
HHC01480 IKRON HR7225
HHC01500 IKRON HR7226
HHC01510 IKRON HR7311
HHC01520 IKRON HR7331
HHC01530 IKRON HR7321
HHC01540 IKRON HR7315
HHC01550 IKRON HR7316
HHC01560 IKRON HR7335
HHC01570 IKRON HR7336
HHC01580 IKRON HR7325
HHC01590 IKRON HR7326
HHC01610 IKRON HR7305
HHC01620 IKRON HR7306
HHC01630 IKRON HR7121
HHC01640 IKRON HR7131
HHC01660 IKRON HR7125
HHC01670 IKRON HR7126
HHC01680 IKRON HR7135
HHC01690 IKRON HR7136
HHC01700 IKRON HR7145
HHC01710 IKRON HR7146
HHC01720 IKRON HR7201
HHC01730 IKRON HR7205
HHC01740 IKRON HR7206
HHC01750 IKRON HR7111
HHC01760 IKRON HR7115
HHC01770 IKRON HR7116
HHC01801 IKRON HA1102
HHC01803 IKRON HA1105
HHC01806 IKRON HA1112
HHC01807 IKRON HA1115
HHC01811 IKRON HA1202
HHC01811 IKRON HA1212
HHC01813 IKRON HA1205
HHC01816 IKRON HA1212
HHC01817 IKRON HA1215
HHC01822 IKRON HA1109
HHC01824 IKRON HA1209
HHC01825 IKRON HA1219
HHC01828 IKRON HA1210
HHC01832 IKRON HA1211
HHC01834 IKRON HA1201
HHC01836 IKRON HA1111
HHC01838 IKRON HA1101
HHC01845 IKRON HA1116
HHC01848 IKRON HA1206
HHC01856 IKRON HA1106
HHC01858 IKRON HA1216
HHC01901 IKRON HD1104
HHC01902 IKRON HD1105
HHC01903 IKRON HD1106
HHC01906 IKRON HD1115
HHC01909 IKRON HD1124
HHC01910 IKRON HD1125
HHC01911 IKRON HD1126
HHC01914 IKRON HD1305
HHC01915 IKRON HD1306
HHC01918 IKRON HD1315
HHC01919 IKRON HD1316
HHC01921 IKRON HD1514
HHC01922 IKRON HD1515
HHC01923 IKRON HD1516
HHC01927 IKRON HD1526
HHC01929 IKRON HD1544
HHC01930 IKRON HD1545
HHC01931 IKRON HD1546
HHC01934 IKRON HD1325
HHC01935 IKRON HD1326
HHC01937 IKRON HD1514
HHC01938 IKRON HD1515
HHC01939 IKRON HD1516
HHC01942 IKRON HD1505
HHC01943 IKRON HD1506
HHC03017 IKRON HB022
HHC03070 IKRON HD1126
HHC03162 IKRON HD1205
HHC03398 IKRON HD1416
HHC03401 IKRON HR1109
HHC03422 IKRON HR1100
HHC03423 IKRON HR1101
HHC03430 IKRON HR1102
HHC03554 IKRON HR1201
HHC03561 IKRON HR1202
HHC03575 IKRON HR1229
HHC03576 IKRON HR1220
HHC03577 IKRON HR1221
HHC03584 IKRON HR1222
HHC03612 IKRON HR1301
HHC03619 IKRON HR1302
HHC04005 IKRON HR1109
HHC04013 IKRON HR1102
HHC04088 IKRON HR1205
HHC04105 IKRON HR1229
HHC04169 IKRON HR1301
HHC05250 IKRON HR2101
HHC05252 IKRON HR2102
HHC05258 IKRON HR2108
HHC05290 IKRON HR2418
HHC05294 IKRON HR2418
HHC05295 IKRON HR2411
HHC10205 IKRON HR1406
HHC29833 IKRON HV0141
HHC29834 IKRON HV0141
HHI03100 IKRON HI0110
HHI03120 IKRON HI0120
HHI03140 IKRON HI0112
HHI03160 IKRON HI0122
HHI03180 IKRON HI0210
HHI03200 IKRON HI0220
HHI03220 IKRON HI0212
HHI03240 IKRON HI0222
HHI03300 IKRON HI0312
HHI03320 IKRON HI0322
HHR10300 IKRON HR1222
HHS02115 IKRON HB174
HHS02134 IKRON HB002
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